Saturday, 2 October 2010

Who: Alber Elbaz (for Lanvin) is one of those designers that doesn’t look like a designer, he looks more like a science geek or literature nerd not necessarily a fashion designer. He is one of the anti-establishment types, the types that don’t design to be fashionably on trend but rather his fashion sense is trendy. He too me the age old answer of never judging a book by its cover, when he talks he seems very unsure of him, stating how uncool he is, that in itself it subtle coolness at its finest.

The look: So this spring and summer collection was one that also mumbled I’m cool but in my own way, sleek but also quite strong. I’m sure he was influenced by the matrix film and by the style of the female lead character. Each model was faultlessly styled, from the tres modern but still feminine dresses, to the slick back hair and minimal make-up.  I’m sure if one of the models shouted Neo don’t die the oracle said you were the one, it wouldn’t be out of place. I wouldn’t call this collection masculine I’d call it feminine but it’s definitely a strong femininity with juxtapositions of armour type clothing and sheer fabrics.  Elbaz’s inspiration was "It's all from dreams, from the soul," although the main theme was the body, or more specifically those who aren’t body conscious or body shy. Dresses were finely fitted, sheer fabrics were a plenty and the new style work wear of skirt suit with leggings also hanged on the skinny silhouettes.  The scene was set with dark lighting, the front row were the cool kids, Lenny Kraviz, Janet Jackson, Dita Von Tees in other words the cool cool and more bloody cool. The colours were a range of taupe, olive greens, browns and hints of neons, the accessories were minimal, harness belts, teashade sunglasses, either flat or heeled open toed cuffed sandals.For me two things made this show extra special, the beauty aspect and the accessories. I’m thinking how can I describe these beautiful  jewellery, bold pieces comes to mind but also armor like, as were the bags and shoes.  A well put collection, in my words, I just wish I was cool enough to pull it off myself.  X

The makeup: My style!!! Hahaha, ok first things first the makeup was absolutely perfect for the inspiration of the looks. I described the look of the collection as powerful and strong but yet still feminine and that was interpreted on the face and hair. That basically means very basic, the makeup for the show was strong through the chiselled cheekbones and feminine through the big false eyelashes and the lips were skin toned. The chiselled cheek bones were created with a dark pink/purple colour swept under the cheek, the eyes were kept simple with a well-blended matt brown, a coat of mascara and the long false eyelashes. The hair was basically a ponytail but a wet ponytail without a hair out of place.


  1. Without a doubt, one of the best collection shown this season. Purely insane.

  2. yeah it was a wicked collection. Luuuuuuuuurved the bags, shoes, jewellery, colours!