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So I’m slightly obsessed with Theophilus London,

·         His style is soo 90s it's forcing me to bring back words from those days. I mean even GQ had to stand up and take notice.
·         His music is serious two stepping don’t care who is looking throw some 80/90s dance moves in there. Its hip hop but not as we know it.
·         If you don’t know him get to know, below is an interview and a taste of his music.
MICHAEL POLLOCK: When did you start performing music?
THEOPHILUS LONDON: I started performing music about the age of 16. I lived in Brooklyn, New York, and this thing called the Flatbush Fair comes once a year. That was my first time on stage. First of all, I was overdressed, so that’s why every day of my life I dress down as a motherfucker. I was overdressed, and I wasn’t standing right. I was nervous as fuck and got booed. I even got booed on BET once. Fuck BET. It’s the worst channel of all time. I got booed on BET, but now it’s awesome to come to Austin and even go to Europe and all around the world.
POLLOCK: Just from following your Twitter, I know you’ve been traveling a lot, mostly recording.
LONDON: Yeah, I went to Stockholm a bunch to work on the album and to LA. So it was LA then Stockholm; LA then Stockholm; LA, Stockholm. That’s what it’s been. I went to Jamaica on my own. I went to Trinidad and Tobago just to go to Fashion Week over there. I went to Japan last year. I went to Korea last year. This is all based off the strength of my brand relationships and the fact that I love to travel. And it’s not going to stop. I went through two passports last year, full.”

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Pics from

This style maven has got 40s Hollywood Glamour down to a T! She always chooses to cinch in at the waist, wear killer heels and have an all round well manicured polished look.

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Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

oooooh I'm happy, ladies and gentleman marvel @ the latest offerings from McQueen. OK I haven't got time for a full review but I will say a few things: The waist was the star of the show (an excellent choice, as it really doesnt matter what size you are, if you cinch in at the waist you instantly look smaller), the accessories (especially the clutch) really polished off the look and i simply adore the cute bowl like hem.


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Such an amazing fashion photographer, check out his website

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Veronique Leroy fall 2011

Veronique Leroy was a designer that fell under the radar for me but her fall 2011 collection slapped me in the face and made me sit up and take notice. This collection was so simple and effective, she kept it straight to the point for me, I would describe this collection as sophisticated nerdy ghetto chic circa 2011 (I never had a way with words, go figure). The clever use of wool, sheepskin tweed and silk helped the audience understand her choice of muse (the well turned out secretary, who I would imagine works for a creative company and drinks soy latte in a non-pretentious way). Simple makeup and slick back ponytails echoed the simplicity of the collection. Clothes were oversized yet the designers still managed to hold on to the feminine shape by defining the waist with belts, offering fiited below the knee skirts, shapeless dress and uncomplicated two piece suits making this collection very wearable.  The key pieces for me were the dogtooth dresses, coats and the sublime accessorises; the comfortable looking wedges, big glasses and the slightly ghetto looking earrings.

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I got there eventually

So I have been extremely lazy in sharing my thoughts on anything really, I have no reason for this. The last three weeks I have put some time aside to write four blog posts and successfully completed them but did i post any? HELL NO, the silly thing is i have no idea why :(

Anyhoo Fashion freaks and style geeks, hope you are all feeling super energetic and blissfully happy!
Lets talk about the recent celeb fashion event the Met Ball 201. I love seeing what celeb stylists have coaxed celebrities into wearing at the Costume Institute Gala, this year was dedicated to Alexander McQueen, so you know it was going to be fun, right?!....WRONG!!! Everyone seemed to play it safe, one thing that surprised me was more people turned up in McCartney than McQueen.
Anyhooo Vogue provided a small list of some of the attendees including: (take a deep breath before reading, the list isn’t that small)
I loved seeing Karl Lagerfeld’s show off his new muse Blake Lively to the event whilst his previous muse Alexa Chung wore something other than Chanel (woohooo, variety is the spice of life, I like to think it was Alexa’s way of saying ‘look Karl I don’t need you either, I’m supporting the brits’. FYI Alexa wore Christopher Kane to the event!) Oh Blake looked stunning in a beautiful Grecian inspired Chanel couture gown.
The celebrities who wore McQueen gown include;
Daphne Guinness (Shoe designer) wore a beautiful feathered dress from the SS2011 McQueen collection. The bodice was cinched in and covered in feathers, a very flattering dress, those types of necklines always seem elegant to me.
Although Naomi Campbell did well in wearing McQueen from head to toe but I really didn’t appreciate the dress. Yes it included some fine embroidery, which spoke to my inner old lady style (I love anything vintage looking, lady like chic, you know one of my style queens is DOT COTTON from Eastenders right?!) but this dress was like a flapper dress, a bit romantic but basically a big no from me.
Now if we wanna talk embroidery and embellishment let’s talk Sarah Jessica Parker who wore McQueen and wore it bloody well. I’m not really into the hype of SJP but she looked amazing, you could really appreciate the craftsmanship of the gown. Except for those ugly shoes, her hair and makeup complimented the dress beautifully.
Oh how could I forget Chloe Servigny wearing the heck out of McQueen black lace cap sleeved dress with a pearl bow tie. Honestly hand on heart I don’t think I’ve ever disliked anything she wore, like ever, now that is someone I’d love to spend some time shopping with even if it was 10 minutes.
You know who else looked really good in a crisp white McQueen skirt suit was Hilary Rhode, hair and make worked well with the structured suit.
Janelle Monae wore her signature black and white chanel trouser and shirt combo, I really like that she is sticking to her style, hats off to you girl you look fab as usual!
One of the BIG shockers of the night, well for me anyway, was an Olsen twin looking…well bad?! I feel I’ve gone against my style rules by saying something bad about Ashley Olsen but I really didn’t like the vintage Dior gown she wore. Mary-Kate stuck to the boho rules wearing a red vintage couture Givenchy dress, matched with Kirkwood shoes, I would have loved to see the dress fit her better but still she looked just lovely!
Surprising Anna Wintour decided not to wear McQueen, instead choosing a figure hugging, labour intensive, floor length Chanel dress from the SS2011 collection, she looked really good. Take a good look at the dress can you imagine how many hours went into making something like that, wow I loved it.
In the war of teen stars Hailee Seinfeld won hands down in a beige/nude lace McCartney gown and her Kirkwood platform sandals were just divine.
Stay tuned for my next updated until the next time.
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One of my FAV summer trends CoLoUr bLoCkInG

I just love wearing black on every occasion it make me happy, look slender, chic, intense and so much more. But the multicolour rainbow of the colour blocking trend seems to have hypnotised me, I'm now considering living the rest of my life in Technicolor. (Huh so this is what cheating feels like)
Don't be scared of this trend you can either embrace it totally by wearing blocks of colour or add accents of colour to your outfits, this could include anything from belts, shoes, bags, make-up and of course items of clothing.
Have a look at the designers interpretation of this trend, don’t blame me if you rush out to buy a bright item of clothing, FYI the high street is offering so much give a go.
Akris SS2011
DVF SS2011


Jill Sander SS2011



Loewe SS2011


Manish Arora SS2011 (Still luuuuuuurve this collection)


Nina Ricci SS2011


Prada SS2011


Cacharel, Prabal Gurung, Tibi, Vena Cava SS2011