Monday, 10 January 2011

Spring 2011 beauty trends part deux

Ola fashion junkies,
How are we all doing today? I’m feeling very chirpy today, it’s a strange feeling.  Anyways as promised I am continuing my beauty trends for 2011 post, today its NAILS.
Nails are now a key accessory and bold statement manicured nails have been spotted on the runway. The shape for this season are (hahahah how am I to describe this?) oval and pointy, Rihanna has been rocking this look for some time.

Now we have the shape sorted let’s think colours and styles. In terms of colours try out metallic (you can also think about muted metallic shades), corals and neutrals.  When it comes to styles you can let your imagination run wild, take a looky at some ideas below. Also have a look at the refinery website for some pretty cool how to sections.
Jordan Dunn for Anna Sui spring 2011

Anna Sui spring 2011.

Prabal Gurung spring 2011
Zac posen spring 2011
Alice and Olivia spring 2011

Philip Lim 2011
Alexandre herchcovitch spring 2011 

Much luv


  1. Thanks, darling! You made my day today :) I read your profile and totally agree with you...why is it that when I have money everything in the shops seem to be a bore? So true..hahaha :D The nails post is pretty cool. Right now I'm sporting a french manicure with blue, glittery tips and a pink gem on the corner of each nail...I guess I'm copying the look of Herchcovitch without even knowing ;)

  2. OHHH. Those nude nails with the black moon is absolutely killer. Like, big time. I love it.

    Your blog is beautiful Miss Fashion Geek. Thank you for the visit and the lovely comment. And for being proud of me :) That is awesome.

    H. Ambulance

  3. aaw two very lovely comments, many thanx for taking the time out to come to my blog!!!

    Russian Royalty you know im gonna support your blog dear after all the kindness you've shown me! (Also your subconcious is showing how fashionable you are keeping rocking them nails!!)
    Haiku glad you came by, keeping doing...well you! your blog is fab