Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blog shout out

So I came across this blog by accident but I’m super glad I did.
Who: the brains behind this blog is Inga, who just happens to be a style maven! Her profile states
 I am half Armenian half Belorussian girl born and raised in Estonia in Russian speaking family and currently living in London with my Angolan boyfriend and our 2-year-old son.
Says it all huh?!

Style: Intrigue me now has only been going for 7 months but the blog already has over 1000 followers, that alone should tell you how good this girl’s style is. Her style seems very polished, I was almost surprised to see her wardrobe consists of so many high street items, everything she rocks looks like designer labels and her shoe collection is insane (see picture). She has even managed to pass her good style genes to her son, (you’ll understand when you see her blog).
So check out her blog let her intrigue you with her style: http://intriguemenow.blogspot.com/
(ps thank you sooooo much inga for being kinda enough to let me say a little something-something about your blog)

Breaking News

OMG OMG listen up fashion junkies, this news made me water at the mouth. Word on the street is that Tom Ford may be next in line to collaborate with h&m. Though this isn’t confirmed I’m still delighted at the prospect of owning something from this proposed collection.
On that note I think I’ll do a post on another high street collaboration, this time it’s Valentino for Gap. This collection is surprisingly good I must say, but at those prices I’m not surprised, the collection retails from £60+. The collection is lady like military, with heavy khaki materials paired with simple white shirts and cute pumps. My key pieces are the shoes, jackets and the parkas.
Enjoy the pics (oh yeah the collection should be available in London from today)
Much luv

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lenny kraviz looks amazing
Beyonce's skin is looking radiant
Emma Roberts is rocking a grey dress

Sigh Alber Elbaz this post is for you.

How I anticipated your collection for H&M, I longed for the chance to get my hands on something from one of my favourite designers; can you guess how disappointed I was when I saw this collection?? VERY DISAPPOINTED

I’m in tears as I write this as I feel I am betraying Lanvin but I will be avoiding H&M for a while, seriously folks I can’t believe I’m going to say this but this collection is as disappointing as the Sonia Rykiel collection?! I mean when I heard that news break I was upset with H&M for that collaboration. (My memory is awash with striped madness, bleugh)

Alber I still love your work dearly, I just choose to ignore this collection. Readers in thy blogosphere am I being too harsh? I’ve shown you the best of the bunch below, share your thoughts (or shed your tears here all is welcome)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I just need a moment to thank god for all my blessings!!!

Hey Fashion junkies
Just a quick post today. I wanted to share a couple of celeb styles from the past week that i think look fabouuuu. (fyi Chloe Servigny always looks amazing, she is def one of my style queens, ahem don't you think Kim K is looking really good on the red carpet nowadays: zac posen dress with one amazing neck line)

Pics from zimbo.com

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGH its O-fricking-ffically winter in London. As you can tell I'm not too pleased but my little ray of sunshine for today is that i won something for the very first time in my life!!!! It came in the post today oh the excitement of ripping the packaging away, then like something out of a Indiana jones movie the prize glowed just enough to highlight my eyes. And there it was my prize………………………..

6 delicious bars of chocolate! Ok you may smile thinking it was something else but I have never won anything in my life and i won the best prize ever by topping up credit on my mobile.

Ok to go on to other matters that may benefit your lives (although i feel a win for me is a win for us all, don’t you?) is my new found wonder mascara.
It’s the Maybelline colossal volume express one, all i can say is WOOWZER! My lashes are naturally thick but short and with no curl, this really lengthens and kinda curls them too in one coat, two coats seriously defines them. I'm no fan of mascara that looks to full on(you know the spidery spiked lashes) so it’s perfect for me and the times i really want to make my eyes pop I’ll just use two/three coats. Now granted I don’t always use mascara, but i have tried L'oreal, MAC, Bobbi brown, Clarins, Revlon and Benefit so i do know what I'm talking about and it works for me.
Try it out for yourselves i think it was £7. Go on your worth it (hahahaha so cheesy)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hello fashion junkies, just a quick post today.

I simply adore the fact people are really trying out new things, pushing their own style boundaries and I wanted to share my new found love for mix and matching different textures and materials.

I was walking through the high street yesterday, as i passed the window displays I noticed all the different styles we were being offered, from ruffles to shag pile carpet jumpers, literally fashion for three of our senses, sight, sound and touch. I found myself picking up things that don't initially match but somehow they work well together. You know it shouldn't stop in your clothing try it with makeup too! I've given my example and i really think it works, try it out yourselves lemme know how it goes.

Much luv

Friday, 12 November 2010

Issue 1

Welcome to the very first C look!

I will review every trend out there, give you hints on shopping guides and tips on how to wear the latest fashion.

Today its:
The Look: Workwear

Fall work wear is all about texture and proportions but the main thing here is keeping it simple. Play with different trouser styles from wide-leg to tapered and skinny. The length of skirt is also a key trend, try maxi or midi skirts in tweeds/wool. Layers are very on trend try a smart jumper, with a blouse and a belt worn at the waist.

Accessories: It is winter after all so the obvious scarves and belts apply. But the important thing here is the type of textile. I say leather gloves are important here try gloves in browns/black. In terms of scarves think granddad/gran type scarves rather than chunky scarves, think argyles, silk/satin or even fur works well. Belts can either be super slim worn at the waist or chunky man belts worn at the hips. Bags are either inspired by menswear (satchels) or they are very lady like, rather than going for the standard black bag, try charcoal grey, navy or dark green.

Footwear: Heels are chunkier (amen we have comfortable heels), brogues are still in season, clog sandal have become clog boots. Avoid stilettoes think comfortable/androgynous smart footwear.

Colours include: pale and dark blues, greys, rust, maroon and deep shades of red.

Shopping guide: ZARA rules here, they really know how to rock work wear. For cheap/simple knitwear try PRIMARK or H&M (Try h&m for tops and blazers), COS are also offering a good range of well-tailored coats and simple tops. ASOS are also offering a good range of trousers and skirts. Best place for shoes is TOPSHOP and ALDO. I’m not a personal fan of Next but they do offer a wide range of work wear I’d say it’s best to shop there if you’re 35+(yrs old).

Thursday, 11 November 2010

rude-y nude-y

khaki/rust mashup

I dont know what it is about today.....

I’m feeling blissful today!!!!!

It’s a cold and rainy day here in lovely London, you know what makes me laugh is one thing you have to understand is here in London, the weather is most def the most talked about subject. It seems to dictate how you are feeling. But today for me it really doesn’t, I don’t know if it is the caramel macchiato talking (FYI I hardly ever drink coffee), but something has given me a boost of happiness. I really wish I could share it with you too
Ok so enough about that :) So have you been exposed to Janelle Monae??? Her album cover for the archandroid is, in one word amazing! Just a wicked cool work of art. What do think?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

In the story the tortoise and the hare, I relate to the hare more than the tortoise

Well today my thoughts have been on blogs, hmm more specifically fashion blogs. How did they manage to build such an empire, how do the bloggers get invited to fashion/make-up shows and get to see collections before anyone else??? These questions keep floating in my mind.

Recently I have been going through a self-evaluation phase; it is now time to evaluate this blog.
Firstly I should begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am the eternal dreamer but I’m also a big procrastinator, when I have an idea, be it a blog, assignment, anything really, I assume it will be huge (haha when i dream, i dream BIG), then when it doesn't play out exactly like i imagined I get bored and quit.
So when I started a blog I assumed it would be an overnight success, though I can’t even explain why, so within a week I had already racked up enough posts to last a month. But still no followers L I have to be extremely honest and open now, that kinda hurt, so I went on twitter to try and recruit followers, expect I got bored of that in less than a week.

Recently I thought, ‘hang on a minute’, fellow bloggers all started their blogs some time ago, they were consistent and when you read some of the blogs you could see how passionate they are about the topic in hand. Also I’m really doing this for me more than anything.
So from today I’ll start to think of myself as the tortoise rather than the hare.

Self-evaluation (blog phase) complete J HAHAHHA does anyone else think like this?

Much luv

Monday, 8 November 2010

do you remeber Nina Sky? Ummmm i dont you're ready for the new look

OMG OMG OMG, the sisters have had a revoluntionary fashion make over for their new album. New hair cuts, serious wardrobes and editorial style make-up, I luv it. Due to crappy internet connection, I can't seem to hear the album but I cant wait now.
I dunno if this evolution is their own doing or a stylist (I'd prefer if they had something to do with this) but im seriously impressed.

monday blues

Forgive me dear blog, for I have neglected you for a hot minute

Firstly let me begin by apologising for the hiatus. My internet connection has been absurdly slow recently, I've been applying for jobs like a crazy woman and trying to update my lifestyle. I kind of feel like it's time to move to New York, and i have been trying to get a job there, i have never longed for something so much in my whole life. I have dreams of grandeur about my imminent move, all i need is that elusive job then I’m gone. Pray for me, hopefully I can get a CAREER out there.
In the meantime here is an offering of fashion. Also I'd love to hear any stories about you moving abroad (it'll inspire me :))
Much luv