Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hello fashion junkies, just a quick post today.

I simply adore the fact people are really trying out new things, pushing their own style boundaries and I wanted to share my new found love for mix and matching different textures and materials.

I was walking through the high street yesterday, as i passed the window displays I noticed all the different styles we were being offered, from ruffles to shag pile carpet jumpers, literally fashion for three of our senses, sight, sound and touch. I found myself picking up things that don't initially match but somehow they work well together. You know it shouldn't stop in your clothing try it with makeup too! I've given my example and i really think it works, try it out yourselves lemme know how it goes.

Much luv


  1. I am in love with this combination. :)

  2. cheers my dear, im really interested in mixing different types of materials

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