Sunday, 22 May 2011

Veronique Leroy fall 2011

Veronique Leroy was a designer that fell under the radar for me but her fall 2011 collection slapped me in the face and made me sit up and take notice. This collection was so simple and effective, she kept it straight to the point for me, I would describe this collection as sophisticated nerdy ghetto chic circa 2011 (I never had a way with words, go figure). The clever use of wool, sheepskin tweed and silk helped the audience understand her choice of muse (the well turned out secretary, who I would imagine works for a creative company and drinks soy latte in a non-pretentious way). Simple makeup and slick back ponytails echoed the simplicity of the collection. Clothes were oversized yet the designers still managed to hold on to the feminine shape by defining the waist with belts, offering fiited below the knee skirts, shapeless dress and uncomplicated two piece suits making this collection very wearable.  The key pieces for me were the dogtooth dresses, coats and the sublime accessorises; the comfortable looking wedges, big glasses and the slightly ghetto looking earrings.

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