Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 Beauty trends part one

So a few posts ago I mentioned I would be giving you a guide to party makeup, well I’m sorry I became lazy and didn’t follow through (I can hear the boos now) but I shall rectify this with a 2011 trend beauty guide. (I can hear the cheers now) I’m actually super excited about this post, the makeup from the last season was slightly dark and sombre, frankly I’m done with that phase, the weather has improved, (NO MORE SNOW, amen to that) it feels fresher and I think it’s time for our makeup to now follow through with that freshness.
So here we go: post one is all about lippy!!!!
Dark purple and berry shades in lipstick are a thing of the past, this spring opt of red, deep pinks or orange lipstick. That’s right I said orange, now wait before you start to frown it’s actually a really versatile and can complement any skin tone, this color played a major role in quite a few runways.
Milly 2011 RTW.




Jill Sander.


To apply orange lippy: Use a lip brush to outline the lip then begin to fill in the lips. Now depending on how intense you’d want it you can either dap with tissue for a light look, or reapply to create an intense orange colour. If lippy isn’t your game or if you don’t think you could go the whole hog then try orange sheer lip-gloss on its own. Word on the street is (can’t believe I just used that phrase) MAC do some lovely tones of orange.
Try it out it will lift you mood, funny but oh so true. Have a look at a few celebs giving orange a go:

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