Sunday, 2 January 2011

5,4,3,2,1 happy new year!

How do the rich and famous celebs party on new years? why they go out and get paid to party of course! Here are a couple of sightings from across the pond.

As a die hard fan of MTV the City I can understand why Olivia Palermo ended up becoming the main star fashion queen of the show but I feel for Whitney Port because she can hold her own in terms of style, I guess her style isn't as accessible as Palermo's (Honestly Miss P can do no fashion wrong in my eyes). Below is another fine example of Whitney's style.

Dear Diary today was another bad photo moment for me so I'll use J-to the-Lo for my inspiration when posing, coz boy this lady can pose!

I picked this photo of John Mayer because I thought he looked fab, but then I paid closer attention to the photo and realised that he is wearing a pinstripe suit  bleugh! (why are they still making pinstripe suits?? Pinstripe should have died out in the 90s)

She is a cama cama Cama chameleon yet to colour her hair green but has tried every other hair colour and has hands down owned each hairstyle. Raise your glasses for this style maven

Mr Fox looking very suave in his suit, I think you'll agree the scarf makes this outfit!

Jay Z and Kanye celebrating the new year in a concert (with Coldplay no less) enjoying a little sippy sippy. Its clear who looks better in this pic....JAY Z! Kanye always seems to look good, sadly not here :( Now calm down all you Westies (K.west fans) don't start with me I'm allowed my opinion aren't I? (the Oxford dictionary defines Westies as hard core fans, die hard in fact, mention one negative thing about their leader and they're on you like a dog on heat) I still think Kanye knows fashion but I personally don't like this choice. You decide


  1. Clearly, your opinion is right because Q- Tip (circa 1990's) wants his clothes back...and that is way too much chest!

  2. hahahah oh i belly giggled at the comment above, yes that is way too much chest, but did you notice the LEATHER PANTS!!

  3. I love your just makes me very happy to look at! Each post is better than the last.

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  4. Whitney Port looks so AMAZING!
    Funny post!

    Meda from