Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blog shout out

So I came across this blog by accident but I’m super glad I did.
Who: the brains behind this blog is Inga, who just happens to be a style maven! Her profile states
 I am half Armenian half Belorussian girl born and raised in Estonia in Russian speaking family and currently living in London with my Angolan boyfriend and our 2-year-old son.
Says it all huh?!

Style: Intrigue me now has only been going for 7 months but the blog already has over 1000 followers, that alone should tell you how good this girl’s style is. Her style seems very polished, I was almost surprised to see her wardrobe consists of so many high street items, everything she rocks looks like designer labels and her shoe collection is insane (see picture). She has even managed to pass her good style genes to her son, (you’ll understand when you see her blog).
So check out her blog let her intrigue you with her style:
(ps thank you sooooo much inga for being kinda enough to let me say a little something-something about your blog)


  1. She reminds me of Penelope Cruz in a way, so beautiful.

  2. She's got swagger- Thanks for sharing the images and drop by me too when you have time.


  3. she has got swagger 4sure, nice way to put. Thanks for dropping by ellinor, im heading to your blog world like......nnnnnnnnnnnnnow :)