Wednesday, 17 November 2010

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGH its O-fricking-ffically winter in London. As you can tell I'm not too pleased but my little ray of sunshine for today is that i won something for the very first time in my life!!!! It came in the post today oh the excitement of ripping the packaging away, then like something out of a Indiana jones movie the prize glowed just enough to highlight my eyes. And there it was my prize………………………..

6 delicious bars of chocolate! Ok you may smile thinking it was something else but I have never won anything in my life and i won the best prize ever by topping up credit on my mobile.

Ok to go on to other matters that may benefit your lives (although i feel a win for me is a win for us all, don’t you?) is my new found wonder mascara.
It’s the Maybelline colossal volume express one, all i can say is WOOWZER! My lashes are naturally thick but short and with no curl, this really lengthens and kinda curls them too in one coat, two coats seriously defines them. I'm no fan of mascara that looks to full on(you know the spidery spiked lashes) so it’s perfect for me and the times i really want to make my eyes pop I’ll just use two/three coats. Now granted I don’t always use mascara, but i have tried L'oreal, MAC, Bobbi brown, Clarins, Revlon and Benefit so i do know what I'm talking about and it works for me.
Try it out for yourselves i think it was £7. Go on your worth it (hahahaha so cheesy)


  1. thank you for your message...obviously I follow you!^^ you come back again to my blog!

  2. Coolio thanx dear, your blog is looking great keep it up, lool i wish i cud understand italian hhehe