Tuesday, 9 November 2010

In the story the tortoise and the hare, I relate to the hare more than the tortoise

Well today my thoughts have been on blogs, hmm more specifically fashion blogs. How did they manage to build such an empire, how do the bloggers get invited to fashion/make-up shows and get to see collections before anyone else??? These questions keep floating in my mind.

Recently I have been going through a self-evaluation phase; it is now time to evaluate this blog.
Firstly I should begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am the eternal dreamer but I’m also a big procrastinator, when I have an idea, be it a blog, assignment, anything really, I assume it will be huge (haha when i dream, i dream BIG), then when it doesn't play out exactly like i imagined I get bored and quit.
So when I started a blog I assumed it would be an overnight success, though I can’t even explain why, so within a week I had already racked up enough posts to last a month. But still no followers L I have to be extremely honest and open now, that kinda hurt, so I went on twitter to try and recruit followers, expect I got bored of that in less than a week.

Recently I thought, ‘hang on a minute’, fellow bloggers all started their blogs some time ago, they were consistent and when you read some of the blogs you could see how passionate they are about the topic in hand. Also I’m really doing this for me more than anything.
So from today I’ll start to think of myself as the tortoise rather than the hare.

Self-evaluation (blog phase) complete J HAHAHHA does anyone else think like this?

Much luv


  1. I couldn't agree more. The blog is mainly about you and then everybody else. I am sure it's just a matter of time to become well popular.

    P.S. Psss a quick secret to share-I am currently in a phase when I try to avoid promoting my blog among the Internet. In the end, I do it for my own pleasure and purpose, not to fulfil others' expectations. ;)

    Felow blogger and a friend

  2. thanx,but you know it really doesn't matter as long i keep enjoying what im doing, once the joy disappears, well there's really no point.

    One another note Your blog is looking good loool no no i mean great!!!