Friday, 12 November 2010

Issue 1

Welcome to the very first C look!

I will review every trend out there, give you hints on shopping guides and tips on how to wear the latest fashion.

Today its:
The Look: Workwear

Fall work wear is all about texture and proportions but the main thing here is keeping it simple. Play with different trouser styles from wide-leg to tapered and skinny. The length of skirt is also a key trend, try maxi or midi skirts in tweeds/wool. Layers are very on trend try a smart jumper, with a blouse and a belt worn at the waist.

Accessories: It is winter after all so the obvious scarves and belts apply. But the important thing here is the type of textile. I say leather gloves are important here try gloves in browns/black. In terms of scarves think granddad/gran type scarves rather than chunky scarves, think argyles, silk/satin or even fur works well. Belts can either be super slim worn at the waist or chunky man belts worn at the hips. Bags are either inspired by menswear (satchels) or they are very lady like, rather than going for the standard black bag, try charcoal grey, navy or dark green.

Footwear: Heels are chunkier (amen we have comfortable heels), brogues are still in season, clog sandal have become clog boots. Avoid stilettoes think comfortable/androgynous smart footwear.

Colours include: pale and dark blues, greys, rust, maroon and deep shades of red.

Shopping guide: ZARA rules here, they really know how to rock work wear. For cheap/simple knitwear try PRIMARK or H&M (Try h&m for tops and blazers), COS are also offering a good range of well-tailored coats and simple tops. ASOS are also offering a good range of trousers and skirts. Best place for shoes is TOPSHOP and ALDO. I’m not a personal fan of Next but they do offer a wide range of work wear I’d say it’s best to shop there if you’re 35+(yrs old).

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