Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bora Aksu

Who is he: a Turkish designer, educated in Saint Martins. Received rave reviews from broadsheets newspapers in the UK after his very first collection and he has had several window displays in Selfridges. I would describe him a dark slightly gothic designer, with a killer eye for detail.

The look: His inspiration for the spring 2011 collection made me laugh “Ants and my mum’s photos from sixties.” But I guess whatever floats your boat. I could imagine Gwen Stefani rocking the clothes from Asku’s spring 2011 collection. The colours were a mix of greys, red, black and white, which appealed to me since me luv dark colours, and yes you can wear them in the spring and summer!!!!! The elaborate shapes, ruffles, sheared lace draped over dresses and tops, had an insect feel about them, he used silks, brocade, lace to feed into his inspiration. The things that stood out for me were the use of weaving in each item of clothing; he has a real eye for detail and has clearly spent time thinking about each outfit. You probably couldn’t wear each outfit as the came out on the runway but they most definitely could be worn with other clothing. An interesting designer…….

The makeup: Dark plum lip colour and heavy cat flick eye liner. Hair was neatly put in a bun to mimic ants.

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