Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ever felt like an outsider?

Band of outsiders is the baby of Scott Sternberg. The collections tend to be tomboyish, nerdy with spring 2011 including of plaid, button up to the collar shirts and short combo’s. To me the women’s collection seem like a collection for those who wear men’s clothing and still make them look feminine, kinda like Alexa Chung, I could see her wearing these clothes on daily basis. The collection screams simplicity and the make-up matched beautifully, the barely there look with hair pushed away from the face.

The men’s look was preppy, think Sloane square in London or the Hamptons in New York. Simple turned up trousers or shorts were the staple items. To me the man who would wear this, is the kinda guy that isn’t dictated by fashion trends, yet his coolness means he always seems ‘fashionable’, (think about it, there is a big difference). This man knows that simple attire will work both at work and play. The guy you work with that always dresses nicely but you can never say he dresses up, the creative type professional’s architects, graphic designers etc you know the type, which is what this collection reminds me of.

Key items for me are the men’s shorts, blazer and the turned up trouser for the tomboys. Also the sunglasses.


  1. I absolutely loooove these looks.. The shoes are so beautiful! (the gold ones..) Magical.

  2. cheers dude, the whole collection is really good, check out the shoes and the sunglasses.