Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Holly Fulton is my new style addiction, there i said it!

Who: An emerging designer who studied at Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal College of Art, fulton was recently awarded with the Swarovski Emerging Talent Award for Accessories at the British Fashion Awards. Her design statement seems to geometric patterns, influenced by tribal patterns.

The look: Fulton’s inspiration for the spring 2011 collection was ‘Nicholas Krushenick, Memphis design and Joan Collins on a cruise circa 1967’. She describes her current style as containing lots of geometric pattern, lavished onto simply cut garments; big, luxurious, simple shapes with bold jewellery; bejewelled crystallised dresses, and an eclectic mix of modern materials with a high end finish.”
I describe the collection as a mix of tribal geometrics, glitz, jet set lifestyle and Joan Collins. Hahaha I also call it the doodle collection, you know when you are day dreaming and doodling at the same time, this is what part of the collection reminds me of. I actually really do love this collection, as a whole it seemed to be very well thought out, not only were the dresses flourished with graphic patterns, but we were given accessories that made my eyes water with delight. (I’m wondering how have I let this designer pass me by, I’m going research all her work from now on, it’s a shame she doesn’t have a stand-alone shop to show off her talents, seriously could you imagine what she could do with her own shop?!) so let me break down the show, the first outfit was a bright yellow shirt (I looked at it and thought M.I.A or Rihanna straight away) paired with a skirt made up of a tiered feather sandwiched between art deco type patterns. Then next outfit got me hooked, firstly I love, love, love maxi anything, so it was a high waist maxi skirt with tribal geometric patterns, paired with a simple white vest and this killer mini vanity case of course it had geometric patterns all over the place and chunky jewellery. We then got swimwear, of laden with patterns coupled with a fur jacket, how Joan Collins is that?!, the rest of the collection was made up of more maxi combo’s, pencil skirts and updated shift dresses. I don’t think I can say I didn’t like any of the outfits that were put out there, I’m not brave enough to carry them out but I still really enjoyed looking the design quality.

The makeup: Let’s start with the staple of the Joan Collins look, backcombed hair! The makeup was quite polished, the foundation seemed somewhat glossy, fully lined eyes. I haven’t been able to get a close up picture yet, but it looks like well blended orange/gold eyeshadow, pink lip gloss and terracotta blush. Very glossy holiday type look.

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