Monday, 20 September 2010

Dame V westwood

Please excuse me, im feeling 100% today so i'll have to update this post with pics later. :)

Who: I’m sorry for being snobbish here, but if you seriously don’t know you she is well then I’m shocked. She is one of the best British designers!
The look: Well for starters westwood has said not to buy anything for six months; if we do buy clothing chose them wisely. I think that was the inspiration for this collection. It felt like it was a showcase of how to update your current wardrobe, accessorise with a belt seemed like one of the key ideas. Have you ever heard of a show called hi de hi? Well some outfits were very reminiscent of that show, plenty of stripes. Again Westwood got us bad with the tailoring, whenever I think Vivienne I think a well-made blazer and pencil skirt, thank goodness she didn’t disappoint.

The makeup: avatar inspired make up, with either a blue or green line across the face and a simple red lip colour. The hair was pretty relaxed, mid parting with hardly any curl to it.

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