Sunday, 19 September 2010

Unique Topshop

Unique topshop

Who: well we all know about Topshop since they rule the British high street and even the world. I’m sadden by the amount of celebrities that openly shop at topshop, plz you don’t need to advertise this as you are making the prices shoot up for the average person!!!

The look: Inspired by "the world of magic and wonder", think studio 54 renowned for wild parties, psychedelic 70s, free love, oh also think superheroes from the 70s and then think Topshop unique spring 2011 collection. This was a well-executed show with plenty to keep you salivating for more, other high street brands should sit up and take note of how it should be done! A bold use of colour on sheer fabrics, made up part of the collection, but then capes, wings, black and white did the rest. And lest I forget fringe, I’m not sure about that finish on clothing but it seemed to work with the theme of the show. The shoes looked like weapons of mass destruction, so it appealed to the fashion diva in me.

The makeup: well, well, well, Jerry hall we meet again (**raise eyebrow**). Contoured blush paired up with red lip coloured, this was more 80s throw back then 70s for me. And may we have a moment of silence for the fros, excuse me you can’t do 70s with an afro, but they were brought up to date with hints of colour passed through the hair. Well done Topshop well bloody done!


  1. My favorite LFW collection so far.

    P.S. Oh yep, you never know, you might see me there! ;)

  2. ooooooooh how interesting, i hope to know more about this asap x