Monday, 20 September 2010

LFW: Mulberry's lady like chic

yo snitches its Mulberry

yo snitches its Mulberry by guess what im a robot! on

Who: Mulberry started in 1971, in the humble settings of Somerset (hahaha which is also Clark’s head office location) its evolution through the years has given us fashionistas something to add to the our wish list, the bayswater, the Roxanne, daria and of course the most recent hit the Alexa (yes after Chung herself).

The look: Where do I start, I smiled, I clicked, I smiled some more, I hoped to own something anything from this collection, I frowned at the impossibility of this thought at this stage, I smiled once more. I’ve taken you through my initial reaction at the Mulberry spring 2011 collection, oh boy what a collection. I felt like a lady, just looking at the clothing (ooooooooh fancy, get me a lady) it was such a delight. The setting alone, forced the audience to sit up straight and consider drinking tea in the most lady like fashion possible, you know when you lift the pinky finger with every sip of tea, that’s Claridges ball room!!! Ok enough with the gushing lemme set the stage. Gone are the Alexa styled satchel bags, that everyone seemed to want and high street brands have vomited every type of satchel out all over us customers, in place of the Alexa, we have been give the boxy 70s style bags, very practical. But we also got teeny tiny bags for the weirdo’s who think it’s cool to carry just lipstick and their mobile (I’m jealous that you can carry so little and still survive).
The inspiration behind the collection was ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett’ , the colours used to illustrate the theme were nudes, browns, blues, and hints of black and grape. The silhouette of the show seemed to be boxy ladylike dresses cinched in at the waist with thin belts, it seemed very Nicole Kidman from the remake of bewitched: old style but reworked for 2011. I absolutely adored the floral ruffled dress, beautiful. Obviously the stars of the shows were the bags, shoes and of course dogs, yep I said dogs, even the dogs were dressed in Mulberry, far too extravagant in my opinion, but dogs are accessories nowadays. We got high waist trousers, shorts, trench coats, bags in nearly every colour, shoes……….

Make up: Well you ginger’s this show was a homage to you!!!! (FYI if you are ginger, whether you you’re born into it or its out of a box, stand up have a little dance around and celebrate your hair colour for a moment, heck I’m gonna join you right about now) very veeeeeeery au natural barely there makeup. I’d say the makeup artists must have used tinted foundation, powder, one coat of mascara, a tiny bit of highlight in the inner corner of the eye, pale rose blush and pale matte lip colour….that’s that. (oh I seemed to have broken down the makeup completely?! aah well you are welcome)

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